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Let Go

"Everything comes gradually and at its appointed hour."  Ovid

Have you ever wanted something so badly and only received it after you stopped looking for it?

After you were done with school, did you submit what seemed like a million job applications?  Then you kept your phone on you at all times, checking it every five minutes. Then weeks later, out of nowhere, that great opportunity came along?  

Or what about when you were feeling lonely and yearning for companionship?

At that time you probably were not exuding happiness or seeming particularly fun to be around, but once you "gave up" you met the love of your life in the most unlikely of places.  It's funny how that happens once we "let go" wonderful opportunities arise.

Today I will be patient.  I will enjoy the present and not try to make anything happen before its time.

Patricia Lorenz
Positive Quotes for Everyday
ISBN-13: 978-1-4508-0291-5
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Patricia Lorenz is an art-of-living writer and speaker and the author of 
Short to Fold Your Underwear and The 5 Things We Need to Be Happy.

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